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The filters have had an immediate effect. Wheezing gone in the kids and my allergy problem gone in the rooms with filters. We referred another family to you yesterday I think they will contact you today or Monday. Anything you can do to get us the final filter as soon as possible would be much appreciated. We are coughing and sneezing when in rooms without the filter - it's that obvious a difference. Lucie W.

Just wanted to thank both you and Isabelo who popped over to set up and install the machines this morning!
We also appreciate the bottle of wine too. Thank you!
If you are in the area then let me know as it would be good to get an updated reading sometime.
All the best,
Monique T.

Thanks very much! Can I also so say how impressed I am by your service. The order process was really easy, your delivery was very prompt, and the product is superb, excellent quality and much better than anything I've seen on the market. Mr Eric S.