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Technical Support

How do I select "Auto" mode on the A357UV?

Use the Fan Speed button to select "Auto". The options for the fan speed are 1, 2, 3, 4, and Auto. The word "Auto" will appear in the top right corner of the fan speed window on the display.

What filter do I need for my unit?

A375UV: BF-25A
Paralda: TF50

How often should I replace the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter should last for at least 6 months of continuous use.

How often should I replace the UV lamps?

The UV lamps should be replaced every 8,000 hours (1 year if running continuously).

Do I have to purchase the unit and replacement filters from you in order to get the lifetime warranty?

No, the lifetime warranty applies as long as the unit is operated in accordance with the operating instructions which includes replacing the filters every 6 months of use to prevent from burning out the motor. The lifetime warranty is not transferable.

Does the ionizer produce ozone?

Our units were independently tested as outlined in section 37 of the Electrostatic Air Cleaner Standard, UL 867. The test results determined that the amount of ozone produced by the ionizer on our units was equal to .004 ppm. According to section 37 of UL 867, the maximum allowable limit for ozone is .05 ppm. Our units are 92% below the limit set by the FDA.

How long should I run the unit?

We recommend running the unit continuously on a lower fan speed and to use the higher fan speeds when necessary.

I have a different question, how do I contact you?

Email us for any other inquiries.