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Innovative Design

The design language of the Paralda features many iconic design elements that make it recognizable - its distinctive silhouette, fresh color, the frosted outer form and the distinctively shaped capacitive buttons make it not only the leader in performance, but innovative design.

  • Distinctively Shaped

    The control panel provides a more intuitive user-interface, with distinctively shaped, gentle touch buttons.

    control panel detail
  • Unobtrusive

    The cable management coil stores unused power cable, keeping the unit discreet and unobtrusive in its environment.

    power cable storage detail
  • Easy Filter Change

    The access door on the top of the purifier makes it oh so easy to change the filter.

    filter change detail
  • Innovative Design

    The frosted outer core and unique clover-shaped vents portray the epitome of nature.

    Innovative Design
  • Design Research

    The design research team engaged with consumers to understand the wants and needs of the ultimate air purifier.

    Design Research
  • Design Strategy

    From start to finish we took 18 months designing the Paralda, making sure every detail was perfect.

    Design Strategy
  • Mechanical Design

    Design engineers morphed sketches into the high-performance, ecologically friendly Paralda.

    Mechanical Design