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Our Story

As his infant son gasped for air during an asthma attack, Peter Mann felt helpless holding the young child in his arms — unable to provide comfort or relief. Subsequent rounds of medication given to the baby produced violent side effects — to the point where the concerned father knew there had to be a better way to provide a higher quality of life for his child. Peter began his mission to help others breathe easier by providing non-invasive and natural alternatives.

In 2005, Alen Corp. was formed with the sole focus of improving indoor air quality in order to help people live better. Driven by a personal passion and a sincere commitment to produce only products that would truly help those afflicted with the agony of allergies and asthma, Alen Corp. for the first time offered consumers a selection of superior quality, advanced technology air purifiers with an attractive price and lifetime warranty. The company quickly established a new standard of excellence in home air purification.